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Wehelping People works towards ensuring that children from the most marginalized sections of the society become able, confident and responsible adults. For over seven decades, we have been committed to addressing critical issues related to children’s holistic development by engaging key stakeholders including families, communities, schools, government and the children themselves. We provide comprehensive support to children through interventions that integrate health, nutrition, gender, education, livelihoods and child protection.

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Alone Believes in The Power of Women Their Own Lives.

Every year Wehelping people helps to max children in providing effective healthcare, education, life skills and livelihood opportunities.
If you and your friends raise £1,500 by holding a Donation
You could provide a midwifery kit to safely deliver 50 babies

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Blood donation activities are held annually

Helping old people in difficult circumstances

Building a scholarship fund for poor and studious children

Activity: Periodic health examinations at nursing homes

Help: disabled children integrate into the community

Fundraising can change the future

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support vital dementia researc.
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